Why Are Our Pets Fat?

I just watched a piece on the local news about obese pets. They talked about cutting back on food, no table scraps and exercise. What they failed to mention was feeding your pet a quality food that does NOT have added sugar and other nasty stuff.

As a pet sitter I see a lot of obese pets. I would say that 90% of the time the pets are fed a grocery store quality food that has lots of pretty colors in it and has a healthy sounding name. But if you read the ingredients, you’ll see corn, by-products, sugar and dyes. Yuck!!

Many people are resistant to buying a more expensive food, but with a better food, the portions are smaller because there are no fillers added so the food lasts longer. Plus the pets are usually healthier and have less skin problems. And when you are pooper scooping your yard, you will be thankful for the better food. It produces smaller waste to clean up.

Before I switched my pets to a raw diet, I was feeding them a high quality dry food that I purchased at a pet food store. I measure out each pets’ food and if it is not eaten in a few minutes, it is put away so that another pet doesn’t eat a double portion. All of my pets are lean and extremely healthy. I consider feeding them a healthy diet part of being a responsible pet owner.

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