Hope’s Journey – Weeks 8 & 9

Hope with a smile

Hope with a smile

I missed writing last week’s blog since we had family visiting from out-of-town, then made a short trip out of state for a family reunion.  So here is the catch up.

Last week Hope was supposed to receive the oral medication, Cytoxin.  Unfortunately, he once again had Leukopenia, a white blood cell count that was too low, so he was sent home with a dose of preventative antibiotics and a week off from the chemotherapy.  You can read more details about Leukopenia in my previous blog, Hope’s Journey – Week 4.

He did get to enjoy a visit from his human uncle and cousin.  Hope is the kind of dog who thinks that everyone who comes to visit us is specifically there only for him.  He did his happy bark for about half an hour when they arrived and we had to explain how he has trained us to pet him to stop the barking.  Even putting one finger on him will quiet him down because he knows he is getting our attention, silly puppy that he is and obedient humans that we have become.  But I won’t complain that he is barking.  As I’ve mentioned before, one of the first signs we had that he was sick was his silence.

When I took him back to the oncologist for blood work  his white count was up enough that he could receive the chemotherapy and we should be back on schedule for future treatments. When we are in the waiting area during his chemotherapy, we always feel so happy when the vet tech turns the corner with Hope and Hope sees us.  He starts wagging his tail and pulling the vet tech along with him.  I wonder if he’s relieved that he hasn’t been left behind?

Missing a week of treatment has done wonders for his appetite.  He is eating his meals and treats throughout the day.  We don’t need to offer him several different types of food to whet his appetite.  He is eating his normal raw diet with occasional bits of rotisserie chicken, (his favorite).

We are still thankful for every day we can share with our dear, sweet, Hopeless Boy.

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