Hope’s Journey – Week 2

_MG_6840Hope had his second chemotherapy treatment yesterday. His bloodwork is looking good and the swelling in his lymph nodes is gone. He was given Cytoxan and Lasix orally. The Cytoxan can be irritating to the lining of the bladder so the Lasix is given to help flush the bladder. He was a little tired when he got home, but after a long nap, he was hungry and acting like himself.

The best news is that he has gained a little over half a pound. That is a big deal for him these days. The trembling in his legs has decreased and this morning I actually saw him briefly trotting across the backyard. And he is also barking at us again. For a dog who is a talker, his silence when he first became ill was a big signal to us that something was wrong. Just hearing that “look at me” bark puts a smile on my face.

So, all we can do now is follow the chemotherapy protocol and wait to see what happens.

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I love talkers! Asher has become one in the last year or so, and I have taken to recording the conversations… What a beauty Hope is!


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