Dog Walking Services

NOTICE: Due to a broken ankle I cannot offer dog walking until January, 2024.

With the traffic in metro Atlanta, an eight hour work day can sometimes turn into twelve hours, leaving your pet wishing someone could let them out.  Dogs forced to hold their urine for many hours can become unhealthy.

That is where Sweet Dreams Pet Sitting can help!  Let us make sure your furry baby has a chance to go potty during the day so that you can work with peace of mind.  Maybe you want to go out with friends after work, but can’t because your pet is at home waiting for you, furry legs crossed.  If you are an established client with Sweet Dreams Pet Sitting you can call or text to see if we are available to let your dog outside or take them on a walk for a little exercise.

Contact our Dog Walking Business to set up a complimentary consultation to meet you and your fur family.